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OLLE Garden 95" High 59" Wide Arch Trellis

OLLE Garden 95" High 59" Wide Arch Trellis

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Dimensions: 95" Tall x 59" Wide x 20" depth

Want to make your climbing plants grow better?

Olle's heavy-duty garden arch trellis is perfect for climbing plants and flowers. Manufactured from galvanized steel coated with polyethylene, these arch trellises are rust-resistant and are built to last. Extend your growing space and expand into vertical gardening with our arched trellis to provide space for additional plants in your metal raised garden beds. 

With a strong arched structure, its simple design blends well into your garden and provides practical support for vines and climbing plants. A versatile arch trellis that can be used in different shapes and for different purposes. 

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