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Olle Gopher Netting

Olle Gopher Netting

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Olle’s gopher netting is woven in 3/4” square grids and crafted from 18 gauge galvanized stainless steel (grade 304) wire.
Flexible and can be easily cut into different sizes and shapes.

Tired of finding your plants nibbled on by rodents?

Olle's Gopher Netting is specifically designed to protect your plants from being damaged by gophers, rats, moles, snakes, and other burrowing animals without affecting drainage or root development. They are environmentally-friendly and chemical-free. 

The landscape nails have a sharp chisel tip that can be used to secure the wire mesh to the ground. The wire mesh can easily be trimmed to different sizes to be used for different purposes such as window and door coverings, chicken runs, rabbit fences, tree guards, gutters, soil sifters and more.

The sizes we have are ideal for Olle's garden beds. 

Sizes : 50 inches x 50 inches;  50 inches x 74 inches;  50 inches x 86 inches;  35 inches x 102 inches           
Mesh Size: 3/4 inch

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